Inventing Fascination

GTG designs user experiences via fascinating digital technology. We are able to adapt to our client’s specific situations to engineer precise working and fascinating solutions, build up on two complementary modular suites of hardware and software components. We bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, both in public and corporate spaces, to provide added values of productivity, intensity, attention and engagement.

Our Software

GTG’s ICS Software Suite marks a new level of integrating information into social spaces. Connecting all relevant on-site sources, it transforms unstructured and inaccessible data into relevant and appealing information. ICS supports social spaces by supplying relevant information to people and groups and enables recombination of original knowledge into innovative insights.

Having our roots in Digital Signage technology, we ensure the precise functionality of our billboard and display devices by developing all steering software components on our own. Today, we continue this tradition by offering mature software technology with the same compelling quality as our mechanical engineering.

To ensure smooth and fascinating content display on all of our TouchPoints, we constantly develop media supply software components. With this, our kinetic devices are able to maximize their full potential by synchronizing incoming content perfectly to their movements.

Our Hardware

When it comes to immersing people in the virtual world, the quality of the interface is key to an unadulterated and fascinating experience.

As we forge our solutions around this user experience, we design media installations that fit accurately to our concepts and fulfill the most significant goal of our solutions: Providing support for people to engage one other, as well as the information around them.

We call these physical locations that provide access to our systems, “TouchPoints”.

Our Business Areas

Corporate Solutions 
Unveiling the rich data resources of any organization, providing it to foster innovation and coherence.

  • Community Systems – Integrated digital communication systems to foster identity and innovation
  • Interactive Brand Environments – Technology solutions for intensive customer relations and open innovation

Public Solutions
Fascinating media installations, interlacing the interest of the audience to the location and vice versa:

  • Indoor Digital Signages
  • indoor and outdoor Digital Billboards
  • Iconic Media Installations
  • Specialization in Kinetic Technology
  • Context Sensory Technology
  • ICS Software Suite connection

Design Driven Innovation

Design is the central tenet on all levels of GTG’s work. This way, we ensure the intuitive usability and economical effectiveness of our solutions:

Our technologies are designed with a user centric approach. They provide an immersive user experience with striking content and productive functionality, adapted to the audience’s needs and requirements. Well-designed TouchPoints assure drawn attention and evoked interest to ensure attractiveness and to invite people to interact with the systems.

GTG solutions are cost-effective investments for our clients. Their economic goals are considered from the start of solution design and development. We provide transparency with cost analysis plus viability and profitability checks. Our modular technology allows for perfect scalability and our systems can be extended with a wide range of application possibilities at any time.

Our Mission

Our services and products are designed to turn …

  • … complexity into meaning.
  • … virtualization into new possibilities.
  • … information overflow into tangible resources.

We apply major standards to our developments:

  • They have to evoke users attentions and attract their interest – both as a diversion and support in daily routines.
  • They need to be inviting and attractive environments for people to linger.
  • They have to encourage productive use with inspiring content.

Our Value Chain

We optimize our technology portfolio constantly to be able to adapt to individual requirements. To meet these, we start with an in-depth discovery phase in which we carve out the measures that serve our client’s situation best.

Identification &

  • What?
  • Why?
  • For whom?
  • For what purpose?

Concept Elaboration &

  • Design development
  • Detailing
  • How?
  • With what?


  • Technical Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • Implementation
  • Testing and QA
  • Installation and Handover

Servicing &

  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)