Common Ground for Cooperation

GTG Interactive Brand Environments facilitate the interaction between brands and stakeholders in showrooms and retail outlets. Digital technology supports the encounter by providing a rich information base and intuitive tools that allow for flexible narration structures and on-going consideration of clients interests and needs. Furthermore, the system is designed to track the process and outline the main aspects of the relationship between company and visitor.

Acute encounters between companies and clients are valuable and productive for both parties. When products are presented against the background of clients’ requirements and interests, making sales becomes more likely. Also of large importance to a company is insight and feedback. GTG Interactive Brand Environments enables goal orientated development of products and an individual approach to customer relations management. 

Case Study

Read the project description of the Customer Technology Center in Sollentuna, Sweden to see a full example of a brand environment we have built for 3M.

3M Nordic Innovation Center

Rich Brand Experience


Info Particles

InfoParticles generated by the back-end system are either pulled automatically from the connected data sources or edited and added manually. Content can be arranged in preparation of a meeting or scheduled according to announced visits.

Semantic Tree

Revealed by the semantic engine of the back-end, the semantic tree offers further connected information or people aligned around an opened InfoParticle. Visitors can simply follow up an InfoParticle of their interest, e.g. putting exhibited items into their own context or discovering more of what the hosting company can offer

Experience Zones

The visitors’ experience is guided with several areas and different focuses:

Presentation Zones

  • Focus on information and presentation
  • Emphasis on edited content
  • Predominantly display and projection technology

Interactive Zones

  • Focus on active experience and exploring
  • Edited content is amended with related information and recommendations
  • Interactive media arranged with physical samples

Collaboration Zones

  • Space for reflection and discussion
  • New information and insights can be applied immediately
  • Interactive media, provided with tools supporting collaboration: mind mapping, sketching etc.
Thematic Info Environments

Accounting for audience or thematic focus, a desired set of InfoParticles can be created to establish the appropriate information environment.

Visitor Bookmarks

Whenever users find answers to their questions or inspirational information, they can bookmark the regarding InfoParticle with one click.

  • The outcome is a callable sequence of bookmarks that serves as basis for subsequent discussions and problem solving in adjacent collaboration rooms.
  • It is also the record from which the hosting company can derive accurate and unerring follow-ups for visitors and clients.


Richer Presentations

  • Our systems enable both prepared story paths and ad-hoc deviation where useful and interesting.
  • When preparing the rundown for the event, hosts can structure and enrich presentations with specific content relevant to the client.
  • Approved rundowns and story paths can be re-used to minimize effort.

Cherishing Clients and Visitors

  • Considering the visitor’s needs in real-time allows for adjusting the company’s offering with the client’s demand using one system for rich quality.
  • Combination of edited and non-edited presentation content results in strong and authentic impression.
  • Meetings can be logged continuously, which allows for quality insights to be generated.

New Quality Customer Relations

  • It enables reflections immediately after meetings to summarize the discussion and to identify changes or new developments.
  • New insights are re-integrated directly into CRM systems and can be handed over after the presentation as a summary and gift.
  • The result serves as a basis for a follow-up, refined with additional and related material.